Monday, June 21, 2010

Bodoh Sombong

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s father is one example of an English language teacher from India who came to Malaya and eventually married a Malay woman, resulting in the birth of Dr Mahathir.

Many Indian and Chinese immigrants married in Malaya, sometimes to fellow Indians and Chinese and sometimes to local Malays (that is why many Malays look more Indian and Chinese compared to their Indonesian cousins). And understandably they sired children born in Malaya. And these local born sons and daughters of the immigrants are those Malaysian Indians and Chinese of today, many who have never stepped foot in India or China since the day they were born.

Their parents and grandparents (some are third or fourth generation Malaysians while some, like the Melaka Chinese, have been ‘locals’ since 500 years ago) came to Malaya to serve the country and died in this country. And some of these ‘immigrants’ have been in the country longer than even Malays who are only second or third generation Malaysians.

The question of who came first is an arguable issue. There are Indians and Chinese who have been in Malaysia for hundreds of years and there are Malays who have been in the country less than 100 years. Nevertheless, this article is not to argue about who is more Bumiputera — the Malays, Indians or Chinese.

Everyone — Malays, Indians and Chinese alike — are sons and daughters of immigrants. It would be very difficult to dissect the three different races based on generalising. You would have to look at it on a case-to-case basis. My family came to Malaya in the mid-1700s. Tian Chua’s family came to Malaya much earlier than that. Dr Mahathir and Khir Toyo are merely second generation Malaysians although one became the Prime Minister and the other the Chief Minister of a State.

Okay, the purpose of this article is not to argue who is more Bumiputera as we can argue till the cows come home and will never reach a consensus. What I want to talk about is who has served this country and, therefore, can be considered a true patriot.

The railway, roads, bridges and buildings, right up to maybe the 1980s or so (that means for more than 100 years), were built by the Indians and Chinese (not the Malays). I still remember even as recent as the 1970s when Indians would work in the hot sun building the roads and laying the railway lines. They also worked in the estates and plantations. And the same goes for the tin mines and the construction industry, which were mainly a Chinese affair. And many died. There were numerous cases where entire Chinese communities were wiped out by disease and war and they had to bring in fresh loads of Chinese workers from China to replace those who had died. And the living conditions of these workers were pathetic. Trust me when I say detention under the Internal Security Act in Kamunting is luxurious compared to what these Indians and Chinese had to endure.

The Malayan civil service, legal system, education system, and whatnot, depended on the English educated Indians brought in from India. It was not until the 1920s or so, when the immigration policy was tightened, that the Malays were educated enough to start filling the ranks of the civil service. Even by the time of Merdeka the country still depended on the immigrants because there were not enough educated Malays to serve the country.

And almost all these people died in this country (only some went home to die) and their Malaysian-born children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are those Indians and Chinese you see in the country today.

To sum up: this country was built by the non-Malays. What we see today is the result of the contribution by the non-Malays. Initially, Malaya’s economy depended on rubber and tin, long before we had factories and heavy industries. And it was because we had immigrant Indians and Chinese is why we saw a thriving rubber and tin industry. If not because of rubber and tin, Malaysia would be amongst the poorest countries in this world.

Then we had three wars - the Second World War, the Malayan Emergency, and the Konfrantasi with Indonesia. And not just Malayans, but many foreign ‘Mat Salleh’ (white skins), as well as Africans, Fijians, Gurkhas, Indians, Punjabis, Bengalis, and many more, died in these wars. Of course, Malays died as well. But Malays were not the only ones who died in these three wars.

But is the contribution of these patriots ever remembered? The Malays scream, rant and rave that this is a Malay country. They declare that this is Tanah Melayu (Malay land). But we might not even have a country, at least not in the form that we see it now, if not for the fact that many not of Malay origin laid down their lives for this country. If the non-Malays, including the ‘Mat Salleh’, had not died for this country, Malaysia would no longer be an independent nation but just a small province of Indonesia.

When Malays talk about dying for your country, they just look at the three wars. But the death toll for these wars does not even come close to the death toll of those who died serving this country in other ways. Some died defending the country in wars. But many more died in the effort to build this country to what it is today. And many also died of mere old age after serving this country their entire life and then retired here as citizens.

But how do we repay these patriots or children and grandchildren of patriots not of Malay origin? We insult them. We threaten them. We discriminate against them. We oppress them. We persecute them. We treat them as second-class citizens. We refuse to recognise the patriotic contribution of their parents, grandparents or great grandparents in defending this country and in building this country to what it is today.

So these people feel hurt. So they feel that the sacrifices and contribution of their forefathers are not remembered and appreciated. So they decide to leave the country and go to another country that can better-appreciate their talents and skills instead of threatening and subjecting them to screams of “go back to your own country”.

Who are the traitors here? Are the traitors those who hijrah in search of a better life like what the Prophet Muhammad did? Or are the traitors those who ignore the patriotic contribution of Malayans from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s?

The Umno Ministers should be made to pass a history test before they can be appointed as Ministers. And they should also be made to pass a lie detector test every time they make a statement. As the Malays would say: bodoh (stupid) is bad enough. Bodoh sombong (arrogantly stupid) is unforgivable. And Umno Ministers are just that — bodoh sombong.


  1. I like Dinar.and its revaluation of currency.

  2. you should know where are u original came in malaysia but cannot uphold the Malay language ..shame on you....

  3. cina balik cina la....india balik india la....
    semua orang puteh punya pasai ...13 mei sapa yang start dulu...Geng main blakang loo

  4. lu sapa...

  5. wow! that was a great posting!
    i like that, very informing,
    yeah, if your country do not love you as you love them, then, you just should found another country,
    i'm sorry for saying that, i'm just suggesting, if you do not like, you should not follow it,

  6. It was a mistake to be linient..we will treat them the way they pay back our liniency once we regain our strength and unity. Do not be afraid .. be a warrior to fight the truth and your right. They fight with the twisted mind to gain everything they can..the attitude they inherited form their ancestors to build their town all over the world..they teach us how to bribe..they teach us how to build Clan.. they teach us how to do underground business.. they teach us how money and women can buy our intergrity..they teach how to smile and kick u from behind...Please learn from them..but please fight for the truth and your right that are worth dying for.Final advise, dont pray for money like they are doing..but pray to gain eternal love from your creator...ultimate peace of mind that money cannot buy.

  7. Whatever race we are, we are the slave of God and all of us are equal. And everyone have their rights in Malaysia. No one race is superior to others.

  8. Only one word can describe this, ego.

    Every race has their own ego.

    Truth is, every race has done their part in building this country.

    Honestly, why do we have to label others?

    He's a chinese, she's an indian, he's a malay.

    Guess what? I hate labels.

    I'm not a Malay.
    I'm a Malaysian.

  9. Very comprehensive write up..I will surely share this article with my friends.

  10. i dunno what u r fighting for? we live in harmony for 50 years. your race gain wealth here while indian and malays, most are still left behind ( to see as a whole) in term of wealth. but never the less, we still live in harmony. but unfortunately, some of POLITICIAN (like you) love to create chaos.Always keep injecting people mind with hatred and untrust to each other. If you felt like there is injustice somewhere, then how come many of your races can become wealthy here. What u are fighting for actually? if u want your race to be a PM, to have power, (like Singapore) my suggestion is u to convert to Islam. Only then the Malays can accept u. Coz bear in mind, for houndred of years, this is a Muslim country.

  11. booo ! ada juga lah yang pure malay . babo !

  12. lu cina bangsat, lu balik china la apa bikin sini. ini malaysia melayu punya, lu tarak malu. pooii.

  13. If Malaysia are under attack...guess who run 1st from they sooo called beloved country???? all this stupid chinese......

  14. Tiu nia ma! cina tak tau mengenang budi. Kalau cina dari Guangzao pegi duduk atau migrate pegi Beijing apa lu panggil sama dia? Cina ke bukan? The same things goes to here. It used to be a place ma! Nusantara , lu ada faham ka ngok!Kalau lu tatak faham , lu luluk tiam tiam lo.

  15. inilah calon-calon yang bakal memarakkan api kemarahan orang-orang melayu/bumiputera...kamu bangsa cina kena ingat, 13 Mei siapa punya angkara???...bangsa kamu adalah bangsa yng paling biadap dan baruah...setelah kamu menang pilihanraya pada masa tu ramai kalangan kamu yang menghina orang melayu dengan kata-kata jijik...cuba semak semula kejadian 13 mei...apa yang telah kamu lakukan???...tak payah jauh, lihat saja Singapura, azan tak boleh dilaungkan tapi colok yang menyakitkan hidung dan merosakkan paru-paru boleh dibakar sana-sini...kalau kamu yang berbangsa cina rasa malaysia tak adil untuk kamu, saya bagi pihak orang bumiputera Sabah mengalu-alukan kamu pulang kampung ke China segera sebelum luka berdarah semula...lihat saja Singapura sekarang, ramai PRC (People Republic of China) yang mendapat status warganegara Singapura dengan mudah tapi warga nusantara melayu???...saya melihat blog yang kamu hasilkan ini hanyalah menunjukkan akan kecetekkan ilmu sejarah di samping menyelak niat sebenar kamu yang tak tumpah seperti bangsa Israel...bangsa kamu adalah duplicate kepada bangsa Israel yang tak tau mengenang budi...kalau kita datang rumah orang kenalah buka kasut...

  16. setuju dgn kamu sairel epong.

    orang melayu dan bumiputera sudah terlalu banyak berkompromi dan berbudi bahasa dengan rakyat yg asalnya imigrant..orang melayu telah membuka pintu negara dan pintu hati untuk terima bangsa-bangsa lain untuk hidup bersama-sama. bukan itu saja, boleh berkompromi lagi untuk mereka-mereka ini terus mengamalkan budaya dan adat, agama dan kepercayaan serta bahasa masing-masing. namun untuk lebih hidup harmoni perlu untuk semua rakyat menguasai bahasa kebangsaan iaitu bahasa melayu atau bahasa malaysia. kalau orang melayu tan baik hati, semua orang mesti bercakap bahasa melayu dan bahasa lain diharamkan seperti mana indonesia buat. tapi orang melayu tak buat begitu.
    akibatnya lihat sekarang, masih ada ramai kalangan orang cina yang masih gagal bercakap bahasa kebangsaan.

    satu lagi kena ingat, ini adalah tanah melayu..tanah orang melayu sejak beratus-ratus tahun dahulu. dan agama islam juga adalah agama tanah ini sejak beratus-ratus tahun dahulu juga. jadi semua rakyat yg asalnya imigrant kena sedar dan hormat perkara itu.

    peristiwa 13 mei 1969 adalah satu contoh bagaimana biadap dan jahatnya bangsa cina. kamu semua patut ambil pengajaran. orang melayu sangat baik tapi juga adalah bangsa yang sangat kejam jika kepala mereka dipijak-pijak. orang melayu sudah beratus-ratus tahun melawan british dan tidak takut untuk berperang lagi. kalau tidak mahu peristiwa 13 mei 69 berulang dan lebih dahsyat, amalkanlah hidup berharmoni dan saling hormat-menghormati.

  17. as a start who start the second world world and all that said? why did it spread to the malay peninsula? who funded China against the japanese? there were evidences that the funds came from the chinese in malaya. that was why the japanese imperial army tracking them down to malaya.that was why the japanese army were brutal in treating just give a thought and look through history and they were recorded in why the hatred and ill feelings being said think...



  19. Don't worry, org china Lu ingat parang terbang 13mei..

  20. ini cina manyak bodoh...mari sini tak sedar lu mana mali ityu cina haiya manyak bodo.




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