Friday, February 27, 2009

Perak Speaker calls for emergency sitting of state assembly on Mar 3

Perak assembly Speaker V Sivakumar has called for an emergency sitting on Mar 3 to vote on two motions related to the worsening political and constitutional standoff in the state.

Invoking Standing Order 8 and 11 to call for the emergency session, Sivakumar did not detail the two motions as yet.

However, he has instructed that notices be sent to all state representatives to attend except for the seven assemblymen suspended on Feb 18 for contempt of the Committee of Special Privileges.

As chair of the privileges committee, Sivakumar had barred BN Mentri Besar Zambry Kadir and six executive councillors from attending sittings of the assembly.

Three former Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen who quit their party to become BN- friendly Independents are also still suspended pending the outcome of a legal suit filed against them.

Pakatan Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin has recently said his coalition plans to table a vote of confidence in him.

Interview with Guan Eng

Astro AEC will air an interview with Sdr Guan Eng on 28th February
2009 at 8pm. We have uploaded the promo clip available here :

Details of the program :

Inteview with Sdr Lim Guan Eng, CM of Penang
Channel : Astro AEC
Date : 28th Feb'09
Time : 8pm

Monday, February 23, 2009

Anwar woos big crowd in Bintulu

A huge crowd of about 4,000 from in and around the Bintulu area in northern Sarawak turned up and braved the rain to listen to PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim at a weekend gathering in an inland resort just outside Bintulu town.


The parliamentary opposition leader and former deputy prime minister was clearly moved by the spirit shown by the crowd.

anwar ibrahim and sarawakThe mostly Dayak participants had travelled from far and near within Sarawak to attend the dinner gathering organised by the Dayaks of the northern region and PKR.

They stayed throughout the event in soaking rain without anyone going away throughout the night.

Anwar also did not disappoint them with his classic rhetorics, saying that Bintulu represented the Pakatan Rakyat's fortress with the people in the mood for change.

But at the same time he acknowledged the formidable task ahead to unseat the state Barisan Nasional government.

Organising chairperson Munan Laja told Malaysiakini today that the crowd was estimated at about 4,000, with about 20 percent being non-bumiputeras.

The line of cars parked on both sides of the road at Mile 11, Bintulu-Sibu road, was five kilometres long.

The Pakatan leader said: “When people ask me if there is any hope for PR in Sarawak, I said I don't know about the hope but what I know is I will work and leave the rest to God.

And what I know is that if Sarawakians do not want to change, their lands, their future and their children's future will be at stake.”

150 longhouses but only six with power

To reinforce Anwar's point, Munan, a former Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) leader and former Sibu councillor, said: “Look at my area Katibas which has a population of 50,000 people, mostly Iban, and for 45 years after Independence what have we achieved? There are 150 longhouses in Katibas but only six has electricity!”

He spoke about the growing uneasiness among the rural population regarding the exploitation of NCR lands and the lack of rural development, saying it was time for Sarawakians to throw out the BN government and replace it with a Pakatan government.

Another former PRS leader, Beginda Minda, a former close ally of PRS president and state minister Dr James Masing, lashed out at Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud and Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu for their policies, especially on NCR land.

"Such policies have caused the Dayaks to lag a lot behind other communities in the state."

DAP Kidurong state assemblyperson, Chiew Chin Sing, who is also state DAP deputy chairperson, said he regarded Anwar as the leader of Pakatan who could lead the coalition to victory in the next general elections.



















Lucunya nasihat PM supaya Zambry buat laporan polis kes gantung

Kita sedang melihat banyak peristiwa yang pelik berlaku di Perak yang dahulu terkenal dengan timahnya. Tetapi tidak ada yang lebih lucu daripada nasihat Perdana Menteri kepada Dato' Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, Menteri Besar Barisan Nasional supaya beliau membuat laporan polis berkenaan dengan penggantungannya oleh Speaker Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak.

ika keputusan yang dibuat oleh Speaker boleh dianggap sebagai satu jenayah, apa akan jadi jika Speaker Dewan Rakyat menggantung ahli pembangkang kerana apa-apa sebab? Dan ini kerap berlaku. Apakah ahli pembangkang akan lapor kepada polis? Jika boleh maka bolehlah kita anggap bahawa polis berkuasa keatas Speaker Dewan.

Memang ada jenayah yang boleh dilakukan oleh Tuan Speaker tetapi menggantung seseorang ahli Dewan bukanlah diantara jenayah yang boleh diambil tindakan oleh Polis.

Sekarang dilaporkan yang Dr Zambry akan hadir sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak. Mengikut aturan peraturan Dewan, Speaker boleh arah pegawai Dewan untuk keluarkan Yang Amat Berhormat Dr Zambry dari Dewan. Dapatkah pegawai berkenaan yang bukan terdiri daripada parti Pakatan Rakyat berbuat demikian?

Di mana pula tempat duduk YAB Zambry? Apa kata kalau Dato' Seri Mohamed Nizar Jamaluddin duduk di tempat Menteri Besar? Apakah pegawai Dewan akan disuruh oleh Speaker untuk paksa Nizar kosongkan kerusinya? Apakah Zambry akan berada di Dewan atau di luar Dewan setelah Speaker mengarah pegawai sekat Zambry daripada berada dalam Dewan.

Bersama-samalah kita rakyat lihat akan peristiwa yang akan berlaku. -

Friday, February 20, 2009

Boycott media which sensationalise Wong issue

The Bar Council has called on Malaysians to reject media organisations which spread salacious private information relating to the nude photographs controversy involving Selangor executive councillor Elizabeth Wong.

“The media must uphold the highest principles of responsible, ethical and respectful journalism, and accede to Wong’s heartfelt plea to be left alone,” said council chairperson S Ambiga in a statement today.

bar council judiciary dinner 170408 ambigaAmbiga (left) urged the media to refrain from further sensationalising the issue and to allow the police investigations to be completed.

Wong yesterday left the country, saying she could no longer stand the immense stress brought on by the controversy. She also worryingly alluded to the existence of more lewd photographs and possibly a video clip.

In a moving SMS message to her close friends before she left, Wong wrote: “Please remember me as the person I was, not what they are now making me to be.”

The police have earlier this week recorded statements from two Malay Mail journalists and two other journalists from The Sun in connection with the case.

malay mail article on elizabeth wong nude photos 160209Both newspapers kicked off a media frenzy over the controversy when they reported about the existence of nude photographs involving Wong, believed to be taken by a former lover.

A number of newspapers have since went on to speculate, among others, that Wong’s ex-boyfriend had abused and blackmail her. There were also suggestions that the embattled politician’s had a string of lovers.

Since the news broke, journalists set up camp at both Wong’s house as well as that of Hilmi Malek’s, a former boyfriend whom the police has sought for questioning. Hilmi is believed to be in Indonesia.

Bar Council’s forum of privacy

Ambiga expressed disappointment that Wong was unrelentingly hounded by the media until she was compelled to seek sanctuary overseas.

elizabeth wong press conference on her offer of resignation from selangor exco post 170209 03“We appeal to all right-thinking Malaysians to express our revulsion and outrage at the unscrupulous conduct of the culprits. This unacceptable invasion of an individual’s private life is an injustice that affects us all.”

She said that while the laws are inadequate to deal with the breach of privacy, the public should take personal responsibility to put a stop to the spread of such nude photographs.

“For example, if someone sends you this information by instant text messaging or by email, delete it without opening it and discourage its further circulation,” said Ambiga.

In response to the issue, the Bar Council is organising a public forum next Friday to discuss the controversy and whether legal safeguards exist to protect an individual’s right to privacy.

Boycott media which sensationalise Wong issue

The Bar Council has called on Malaysians to reject media organisations which spread salacious private information relating to the nude photographs controversy involving Selangor executive councillor Elizabeth Wong.

“The media must uphold the highest principles of responsible, ethical and respectful journalism, and accede to Wong’s heartfelt plea to be left alone,” said council chairperson S Ambiga in a statement today.

bar council judiciary dinner 170408 ambigaAmbiga (left) urged the media to refrain from further sensationalising the issue and to allow the police investigations to be completed.

Wong yesterday left the country, saying she could no longer stand the immense stress brought on by the controversy. She also worryingly alluded to the existence of more lewd photographs and possibly a video clip.

In a moving SMS message to her close friends before she left, Wong wrote: “Please remember me as the person I was, not what they are now making me to be.”

The police have earlier this week recorded statements from two Malay Mail journalists and two other journalists from The Sun in connection with the case.

malay mail article on elizabeth wong nude photos 160209Both newspapers kicked off a media frenzy over the controversy when they reported about the existence of nude photographs involving Wong, believed to be taken by a former lover.

A number of newspapers have since went on to speculate, among others, that Wong’s ex-boyfriend had abused and blackmail her. There were also suggestions that the embattled politician’s had a string of lovers.

Since the news broke, journalists set up camp at both Wong’s house as well as that of Hilmi Malek’s, a former boyfriend whom the police has sought for questioning. Hilmi is believed to be in Indonesia.

Bar Council’s forum of privacy

Ambiga expressed disappointment that Wong was unrelentingly hounded by the media until she was compelled to seek sanctuary overseas.

elizabeth wong press conference on her offer of resignation from selangor exco post 170209 03“We appeal to all right-thinking Malaysians to express our revulsion and outrage at the unscrupulous conduct of the culprits. This unacceptable invasion of an individual’s private life is an injustice that affects us all.”

She said that while the laws are inadequate to deal with the breach of privacy, the public should take personal responsibility to put a stop to the spread of such nude photographs.

“For example, if someone sends you this information by instant text messaging or by email, delete it without opening it and discourage its further circulation,” said Ambiga.

In response to the issue, the Bar Council is organising a public forum next Friday to discuss the controversy and whether legal safeguards exist to protect an individual’s right to privacy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anwar tells how Umno-BN tried to entice defections in Kedah, slams police inaction

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim shocked Parliament today by revealing that MP for Kulim Lim Soo Nee had offered himself as bait to help the Anti-Corruption Agency gain evidence against former Kedah Menteri Besar Mahadzir Khalid - who allegedly offered bribes to swing a defection.

This was just one of three clear cut instances where the Umno-Barisan Nasional had tried to lure Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen over to their camp in a bid to regain control of the state government, Anwar said.

As proof of his words, the reform icon offered CCTV videotapes showing Mahadzir meeting Soo Nee at a hotel in Seberang Jaya late last year.

“A BN agent representing Mahadzir Khalid persuaded Lim to defect from Pakatan to BN for RM4 million before raising it to RM5 million. Secret meetings were also planned between Lim and Mahadzir together with the deputy prime minister Najib Abdul Razak,” alleged Anwar.

Yet despite sufficient evidence, the police did not investigate further.

“What shocked me the most was Lim had reported the matter to the ACA and the agency had agreed to make Lim the bait for the next arranged meeting.

“Each and every meeting was monitored by the ACA and the highlight of the event was a meeting between Mahadzir and Lim at a hotel in Seberang Jaya at end of 2008.

“But there were no further actions by ACA after that. I was just informed the ACA agent who was in charge of the matter was later replaced with someone else,” said Anwar, adding that the CCTV tape was recorded with the assistance of the ACA.

Next - Wei Xu and Arumugam

The Opposition Leader also showed a photograph of three bullets sent to KeADILan Bakar Arang assemblymen Tan Wei Xu, who received the threat after he declined an offer to defect.

Again, despite Wei Xu lodging a police report, no action was taken.

“Tan told me that he was threatened many times to defect and he got frustrated with Mahadzir for his attempts,” said Anwar. “So he told Mahadzir to stop it. The week after, he received three bullets.”

Anwar then referred to V Arumugam, the Bukit Selambau assemblyman who was forced to quit his seat after intense harassment, including a threat that he could end up dead like the late Lunas assemblyman Joe Fernandez if he did not stop his political activities. Joe died after being shot three times in 2000.

Arumugam lodged three police reports, but the police turned a blind eye.

“If a police report has been made, go investigate. There was no investigation, not once was he called. This is a member of the state executive council but maybe this is because he is Indian. There is some perception that Indians are a lower class in Malaysia,” said a sardonic Anwar.

Anwar also slammed the police and the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission for bowing to pressure from top leaders in the Umno-BN and stopping investigations on Soo Nee’s CCTV, the Wei Xu and Arumugam reports.

Meanwhile, BN lawmakers objected to Anwar’s revelations.

MP for Batu Pahat Mohd Puad Zarkashi told Anwar to stop blaming BN for defections, arguing that the CCTV recordings proved nothing.

“Have you seen the CCTV or not? Do you know what actually happened?” asked Puad.

MP for Pasir Salak Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, said Anwar should stop accusing the police of not carrying out their duty because they were not in Parliament to defend themselves.

法庭无从推翻议长决定 民联要在议会反败为胜

霹雳州政变还有好戏连场,州议长西华古玛(A. Sivakumar)运用霹雳州议会常规的灰色地带,禁止握有实权的国阵州务大臣赞比里及六名行政议员进入议会,此举看似绝地大反攻,但依然存有争议。无论如何,国阵若要利用争议化解危机,唯一的方法就是乖乖坐回议会,和民联议员一较高下。

霹雳政变至今,赞比里政权上台,但显然人民联盟政府还有转寰余地。民联政府州务大臣莫哈末尼查(Mohammed Nizar Jamaluddin)上周五入禀法庭,挑战赞比里(Zambry Abdul Kadir)任命的合法性。

昨日中午,民主行动党籍的霹雳州议长西华古玛(A. Sivakumar,左图)和另五名霹雳州议会特权委员会委员共同召开听证会,传召国阵州务大臣赞比里及六名行政议员,既哈米达(Hamidah Osman)、马汉顺、再诺(Zainol Fadzi Paharudin)、莫哈末札希(Mohd Zahir Abdul Khalid)、南利(Ramly Zahari)及色拉尼(Saarani Mohamad)。


一般相信,此举是民联政府反扑的重要步骤。霹雳州共有59 名州议员,目前民联和国阵的州议员人数同是28人。一旦七名国阵议员无法进入议会,则国阵议员人数仅剩21人,就算三名独立议员靠向国阵,也只拥有24 人,更何况议长之前早已对外宣布,这三名原民联议员已经失去议员身份,将被禁止进入议事厅;反观民联议员人数扣除无法投票的议长西华古玛之后,仍拥有27 人。














另外,根据今天《东方日报》报道,赞比里有意将此事带入法庭,采取法律途径反击民联的攻势,而《马来西亚局内人》(The Malaysian Insider)的报道更指出,首相阿都拉建议:“霹雳政府应该报警,因为他们理应有权出席州议会。”他也表示赞比里亦作此想。


这 两项提议看似有效,却大有问题,赞比里虽然有意入禀法庭挑战议长决定,但却忘了法庭无法针对议长决定作任何审判,议长乃立法权之首,我国的宪政制度虽然不 如美国制度为明显的三权分立制,但其权力制衡的精神依然存在,所以入禀法庭挑战议长决定,根本是一项不可能之举,否则将直接冲击我国宪制精神。





坚决辞雪行政议员及州议员职黄洁冰:生命中最黑暗的一刻 Eli : insist to quit, darkest moment in my life

elizabeth wong press conference on her offer of resignation from selangor exco post 170209饱受私密照风波困扰的雪州行政议员黄洁冰(左图)今日发布文告表示,目前是她生命中最黑暗的一刻,并坚决辞去雪兰莪州行政议员以及武吉兰彰州议员的职位。








elizabeth wong press conference on her offer of resignation from selangor exco post 170209 03她申诉,就算已经辞去所有职位,媒体以及网站仍然侵犯其隐私权。








flowers sent to elizabeth wong exco office in selangor 180209 03已在今日出国的她指出,目前是她生命中最黑暗的一刻。


















Dear friends,

I have departed today.

Despite having tendered my resignation from all posts, the media and websites continue to intrude into my private life and privacy. I have been informed by several media that they will continue to publish even more lewd graphical, sensational stories of my private life. I have also been told there will be a fresh assault, with more photographs and videos released and circulated in order to completely degrade and bury me.

This is the darkest episode in my life. I have never felt so alone, vulnerable and humiliated. I need to rest and to search for peace of mind to get away from the stormy events surrounding me.

I appreciate the overwhelming support from all quarters, especially my voters, women in particular and party comrades. Words cannot express my gratitude for your gentle kindness.

I have informed my party leaders that I am determined to relinquish all my positions, as a Selangor State Exco Member as well as the State Assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjan. I am thankful for the party leadership's concern and encouragement. I seek their understanding for my predicament.

My commitment to the ideals of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat remains unwavering. I shall retain my party membership and continue to struggle for a just society with the party.

The nation is at a crisis facing a serious economic recession. Unemployment is rising, while corruption remains rampant. I wish public discussions would concentrate on these important issues rather than analysing my private life. My principle remains the same –

I will not answer any questions pertaining to my private life. My private life is not for public scrutiny as I have not broken any law or caused harm to anyone.

I plead to the media as well as my supporters to allow me some peace of mind, and to give me space. I urge the media to leave my family, friends and I alone. Please do not continue to shame my family and I, so that we have a chance to lead a normal life as ordinary citizens.

Lastly, I wish to thank the support from the public that has been pouring in ceaselessly. I am very moved and eternally grateful to my friends and colleagues who stand by me. There is nothing in this world that can repay your kindness.

前吉打大臣出马拉拢林思年 安华揭国阵开价五百万跳槽

anwar ibrahim 290408国会反对党领袖安华今日做出惊人揭露,指控巫统曾在308大选后开价500万令吉,并且由前吉打州务大臣马哈兹尔亲自出马,拉拢人民公正党居林州议员林思年跳槽。




Lim Soo Nee他表示,林思年和国阵代理人随后安排了一场又一场的会晤,所有一切都在反贪污局知道和监督的情况下进行。







Eli tetap letak jawatan exco dan Adun

Elizabeth Wong hari ini menegaskan bahawa beliau tetap dengan keputusannya untuk meletakkan jawatan exco kerajaan negeri dan ahli dewan undangan negeri (Adun) Bukit Lanjan.

"Saya telah memaklumkan kepada pemimpin parti saya bahawa saya tetap akan melepaskan semua jawatan saya - sebagai exco kerajaan negeri Selangor dan Adun Bukit Lanjan.

"Saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada keprihatinan dan sokongan pucuk pimpinan parti. Saya berharap mereka dapat memahami kesukaran yang sedang saya hadapi," katanya dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.

Namun begitu, beliau menegaskan bahawa komitmennya terhadap perjuangan PKR tidak pernah luntur.

"Saya akan kekal sebagai ahli parti dan meneruskan perjuangan bersama parti ke arah sebuah masyarakat yang adil," katanya.

Elizabeth membuat laporan di balai polis Damansara, Petaling Jaya kira-kira jam 11.30 malam 15 Februari lalu, mengenai penyebaran foto-foto bogelnya kepada umum.

Difahamkan foto-foto itu dirakam tanpa kebenarannya - kemungkinan oleh seorang bekas teman lelakinya - sewaktu beliau sedang tidur.

Dengan kenyataan terbaru Elizabeth hari ini, maka ia bermakna satu lagi pilihanraya kecil akan diadakan di DUN Bukit Lanjan.

Pada 7 April depan, pilihanraya kecil akan diadakan serentak bagi mengisi kekosongan kerusi Parlimen Bukit Gantang di Perak dan kerusi DUN Bukit Selambau di Kedah.

Kerusi Bukit Gantang kosong selepas penyandangnya, Roslan Shaharum dari PAS meninggal dunia pada 9 Februari lalu, manakala kerusi Bukit Selambau kosong ekoran peletakan jawatan penyandangnya, V Arumugam dari PKR pada awal bulan ini.

Malah, Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) sebelum ini tidak menolak kemungkinan - jika berlaku kekosongan di DUN Bukit Lanjan - pilihanraya kecil di situ akan diadakan serentak pada 7 April.

Menurut kenyataannya hari ini, Elizabeth berkata beliau telah berlepas keluar negeri untuk bercuti.

Menurutnya, walaupun beliau telah menawarkan untuk meletak jawatan exco dan Adun, namun pihak media dan laman-lamanweb masih terus menceroboh kehidupan peribadi dan privasinya.

"Saya telah dimaklumkan oleh beberapa pihak media bahawa mereka akan terus menyiar berita-berita yang lebih sensasi mengenai kehidupan peribadi saya.

"Saya juga telah diberitahu bahawa terdapat satu serangan baru, dengan lebih banyak foto dan video diedarkan untuk memalu dan memusnahkan saya.

"Ini adalah satu episod yang paling buruk dalam hidup saya. Saya tidak pernah merasa begitu keseorangan, terdedah pada serangan dan begitu hina. Saya perlu berihat dan mencari ketenangan jiwa dari semua yang berlaku terhadap saya," katanya.

Menurut Elizabeth lagi, beliau amat menghargai sokongan semua pihak, terutama para pengundinya, golongan wanita khususnya dan rakan-rakan seperjuangan dalam parti.

"Perkataan tidak cukup untuk mengungkap penghargaan saya terhadap kebaikan hati anda semua," tambahnya.

Dalam kenyataan itu juga, Elizabeth berkata negara kini sedang berdepan dengan krisis ekonomi yang serius.

"Kadar pengangguran semakin meningkat, manakala rasuah masih berleluasa. Saya berharap perbincangan umum hendaklah tertumpu kepada isu-isu penting ini, dan bukannya menganalisa kehidupan peribadi saya. Prinsip saya tetap kekal.

"Saya tidak akan menjawab sebarang soalan mengenai kehidupan peribadi saya," katanya.

Sehubungan itu, Elizabeth berkata kehidupan peribadinya bukan untuk tatapan awam kerana beliau tidak melanggar sebarang undang-undang atau menyusahkan sesiapapun.

Beliau juga merayu kepada pihak media serta penyokongnya supaya membiarkan beliau mendapatkan ketenangan jiwa.

"Saya meminta pihak media supaya jangan menganggu saya, anggota keluarga saya dan rakan-rakan saya. Janganlah terus menerus memalukan saya dan keluarga saya, supaya kami juga berpeluang hidup seperti rakyat biasa yang lain," katanya.

Let's sign the Petition to support Nude Photo Victim, YB Elizabeth Wong

YB Elizabeth Wong, who was photographed nude photos during asleep and have been circulated and published in the internet; has decided to step down as Adun Bukit Lanjan and Exco of Selangor State Government.

Although she insist that She has done no wrong in the incident as the nude photos were taken without her permission, however she has offered her resignation for the both positions.

However, she's innocent ! She is actually the victim of the incident, she don't have to quit.

In addition, she is an excellent leader who possess outstanding performance during her 11 months service as Exco and Adun. The person of Selangor especially the constituency in Bukit Lanjan, knows very well what has she done so far !

Therefore, objections been raised since her announcement to quit. Big majority of the people hopes the Mentri Besar of Selangor to reject the resignation of YB Elizabeth.

In order to send the voice of the people to the MB of Selangor, kindly sign the petition so that our objection voice can be heard by the MB.

Thank you.


民间团体纷纷挺身支持私密照外泄的雪兰莪州行政议员兼武吉兰樟区(Bukit Lanjan)州议员黄洁冰后,雪兰莪武吉兰樟区选民也发动网上连署,强烈促请雪州州务大臣拒绝黄洁冰的请辞献议,目前已有1618名网友签署该声明,连署人数以相当快的速度增加中,约每30分钟增加50人。

连署由一名自称“方麦可” (Michael Foong)的网友发起及草拟,他声称本身是武吉兰樟区选民,并在评论栏上写着“武吉兰樟居民及雪州人民需要黄洁冰议员,请别接受她的请辞”。


















Wednesday, February 18, 2009





由于霹雳州议会必须每6个月召开一次,因此下次会议预料将会在3月或4月召开州议会。无法参与来届州议会随着霹雳州民联决定禁止赞比里和6名行政议员进入州议会,他们将极有可能无法参与来临的州议会. 由于目前民联与国阵在霹雳州分别拥有28名州议员,另外3名宣布退出民联的议员则是独立人士。因此,当赞比里等7人被禁止进入州议会后,国阵在霹州议会只剩下21人,就算加上3名独立议员也一共24人,处于下风。


Potong gaji exco Kedah untuk tabung rakyat susah

Gaji semua anggota exco kerajaan negeri Kedah akan dipotong 5 peratus untuk disumbangkan kepada Tabung Tunku Mahmud, sebuah tabung kebajikan yang diuruskan oleh kerajaan negeri.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak berkata potongan gaji itu akan dibuat mulai bulan ini sebagai usaha kerajaan membantu penduduk negeri itu yang susah, lapor Bernama.

Bercakap kepada pemberita selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat exco kerajaan negeri di Sungai Petani hari ini, beliau berkata langkah itu adalah sebagai membuktikan keprihatinan kerajaan negeri kepada rakyat ekoran kegawatan ekonomi yang sedang melanda negara.

Beliau berkata pejabat Pegawai Kewangan Negeri akan mengeluarkan surat tawaran kepada kakitangan kerajaan di Kedah sama ada ingin turut menyumbang kepada tabung itu menerusi potongan gaji.

MB dan semua exco Perak digantung hadiri sidang DUN

Jawatankuasa Hak dan Kebebasan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Perak hari ini menggantung Menteri Besar, Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir daripada menghadiri sidang dewan selama 18 bulan, manakala kesemua enam exconya digantung selama 12 bulan.

Keputusan itu diumumkan oleh Speaker DUN Perak V Sivakumar selepas selesai bersidang hari ini.

Perkembangan terbaru ini akan melontarkan Perak ke dalam satu lagi krisis, selepas Barisan Nasional (BN) mengambil alih kerajaan negeri awal bulan ini.

Sebelum itu, Dr Zambry memberi keterangan kepada jawatankuasa tersebut berhubung kenyataannya terhadap Speaker Sivakumar.Beliau dan enam exconya dirujuk ke jawatankuasa itu berhubung dakwaan mereka telah menghina DUN apabila mengangkat sumpah jawatan Selasa lalu.

Enam exco berkenaan ialah Datuk Ramly Zahari (Manong), Datuk Saarani Mohamad (Kota Tampan), Hamidah Osman (Sungai Rapat), Zainol Fadzi Paharuddin (Sungai Manik), Mohd Zahir Abdul Khalid (Kamunting) dan Dr Mah Hang Soon (Chenderiang).

Siasatan berkenaan dijalankan mengikut Perkara 72(3) Perintah Tetap DUN Perak.

Dipanggil beri keteranganTurut dipanggil memberi keterangan kepada jawatankuasa berkenaan adalah dua wartawan, masing-masing daripada akhbar The Star dan Sin Chew Daily.

Jawatankuasa itu dipengerusikan Sivakumar dan dianggotai enam Adun iaitu Datuk Hasbullah Osman (Temenggor) dari BN manakala lima lagi daripada pakatan pembangkang iaitu Husin Din (Selingsing), Chan Ming Kai (Simpang Pulai), Ong Boon Piow (Tebing Tinggi), Loke Chee Yan (Kepayang) dan Sum Chok Leng (Bercham).

Sivakumar masih menjadi Speaker DUN Perak kerana kerajaan baru BN belum lagi mengadakan sidang dewan untuk menggantikan beliau dengan calon dari BN.

Dengan menggantung tujuh daripada 28 ahli dewan undangan negeri (Adun) BN, maka jumlah wakil rakyat kini kembali memihak kepada Pakatan Rakyat.

Jika dewan bersidang sekarang, BN akan hanya mempunyai 24 Adun di pihaknya - termasuk tiga calon bebas - manakala Pakatan mempunyai 28 Adun.

Di segi teknikalnya, kerajaan negeri BN masih boleh terus memintah Perak, tetapi ia tidak boleh mengadakan sidang dewan kerana bimbang Pakatan akan mengemukakan usul tidak percaya terhadapnya.

Kesemua tujuh Adun BN itu diberi notis saman supaya tampil di hadapan jawatankuasa itu berikutan aduan Adun Canning (DAP), Wong Kah Woh, bahawa majlis angkat sumpah jawatan mereka bertentangan dengan Undang-undang Tubuh Negeri Perak dan menghina DUN kerana Menteri Besar Ke-10, Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, belum meletak jawatan secara rasmi.

Speaker: Ada kes prima facie
Sivakumar berkata, setelah meneliti aduan tersebut, beliau mendapati satu kes prima facie terhadap Zambry dan enam exco berkenaan.

"Keputusan ini diambil selepas mendapati kesemua mereka gagal dan tidak memberikan sebarang penjelasan dalam Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Hak dan Kebebasan yang diadakan hari ini. "Mereka telah gagal menawarkan sebarang penjelasan atas tindakan mereka yang menghina Dewan Undangan Negeri," kata Sivakumar dalam satu kenyataan akhbar empat perenggan di sini lewat petang ini.Selain Sivakumar, Jawatankuasa Hak dan Kebebasan DUN dianggotai Husin Din (Pas-Selingsing), Chan Ming Kai (PKR-Simpang Pulai), Ong Boon Piow (DAP-Tebing Tinggi), Loke Chee Yan (DAP-Kepayang) dan Sum Chok Leng (DAP-Bercham), manakala wakil tunggal Barisan Nasional (BN) ialah Datuk Hasbullah Osman (Temenggor).

Sebelum itu, kesemua tujuh Adun terbabit telah dipanggil untuk memberi keterangan pada jam 3 petang di Bilik Mesyuarat Bahagian Kewangan, Bangunan Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri di sini.Zambry dan enam Exco itu yang dilihat keluar dari bilik mesyuarat itu pada kira-kira 3.30 petang enggan memberikan sebarang komen kepada pemberita yang menunggu.

Khabar angin tentang Hee
Di samping itu, Perak juga dilanda khabar angin bahawa Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Jelapang, Hee Yit Foong telah meletak jawatan.

Sebelum ini, beliau bertindak keluar dari DAP dan menjadi Adun bebas yang menyokong BN.

Bagaimanapun, seorang pemimpin DAP ketika dihubungi menafikan perkara itu.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Anwar, kita akan putuskan bila Eli habis bercuti

PKR akan membuat keputusan mengenai status exco kerajaan negeri Selangor, Elizabeth Wong selepas beliau balik dari cuti, kata Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.Walaupun diasak berulangkali, Anwar enggan menyatakan berapa lama Elizabeth akan bercuti.Anwar juga berkata beliau akan meminta Elizabeth menimbang semula keputusannya menawar untuk meletakkan jawatan exco negeri dan Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Bukit Lanjan."Kita akan meminta beliau menimbangnya semula," katanya kepada pemberita di lobi Parlimen hari ini.Anwar turut mengecam tindakan pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab menyebarkan foto-foto bogel Elizabeth kepada umum.

Kelmarin, Elizabeth membuat aduan polis berhubung penyebaran foto-foto bogelnya kepada umum itu. Selain foto, difahamkan satu klip video juga turut disebarkan.

Beliau juga merupakan Adun PKR di Bukit Lanjan dan exco pelancongan, hal ehwal pengguna dan alam sekitar sejak 11 bulan lalu.Difahamkan foto-foto itu dirakam tanpa kebenarannya - kemungkinan oleh seorang bekas teman lelakinya - sewaktu beliau sedang tidur.

Support to YB Elizabeth

Dear YB Elizabeth,

I feel sympathy to what had happened to you !
I would like to express my objection to your offer to resign as Selangor Exco and Adun for Bukit Lanjan.

Would anyone tell me, what have you done ? Have you committed a crime ? against the law ? Why must you resign ?

I would like to ask any Malaysian, do they ever naked at home ? Frankly, everyone did ! Especially those who stay alone. To those who are not staying alone, i’m sure they did naked during shower or making love with their love ones.

You are the victim of the incident ! You were photographed when you were asleep. it just like you were photographed when you were taking bath, or when you were changing your cloth. Is changing cloth or taking bath is an offence ? If it is, everyone in the world has committed a crime now.

Besides, what’s wrong with the Umno leaders ? Expecially ex-MB of Selangor, Khir Toyo and Melaka KM, Ali Rustam. You 2 have been many years as the leaders of states and Umno, but how come your judgement is so ‘low-class’ ? You urged Eli to stay down due to moral scandal, if it is you 2 haveto stay down too as you did naked at home too ! Hey please do not politicalize the incident as it has been manupulated due to political reason of BN.

If Eli circulate her nude photo to public or been naked in the public, she has committed to crime. Now the person who suppose to be punished is the person who snapped her nude photo without her permission and circulated it to the public not Elizabeth !

Dear Elizabeth, you are innocent ! Please do not crouch to the conspiracy of BN ! If you resign, they are glad as they have achieved your objective. Please do not surrender to BN.

We, the member of PKR nationwide will always support and stand firm behind you in facing this incident !

Besides, I would like to urge the leadesr of PKR especially central leadership to support our YB Elizabeth and pursuade her not to quit.

As reported by Merdeka Review, the force of calling her to quit is actually PKR party leaders after last night’s meeting. As we know this is the conspiracy of BN, it has nothing to do with Eli’s moral. Therefore I would call for all PKR party leaders to stand firm behind Elizabeth and support her to continue her responsibility to serve the people !

Dear PKR Leaders, it is time for your to show your support to someone who had sacrificed a lot for the party and the people of Malaysia !

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bukit Selambau By-Election to be on April 7

The Election Commission said today that by-elections for the Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat in Perak and the Bukit Selambau seat in Kedah will be held simultaneously on April 7.

Nominations will be held on March 29, a day after the Umno general assembly and internal party election, which is due to be held from March 24 to 28.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Poll: 88% disagree with the Sultan

From the various protests and huge outcry over what many have called an undemocratic ousting of a legitimate state government, it would be safe to assume that a majority of Malaysians are unhappy over what has been going on in Perak.

A survey conducted by Malaysiakini saw an overwhelming majority of readers disagreeing with Sultan Azlan Shah's decision in the transfer of power in the silver state.

A total of 34,617 out of 39,411 readers, or 87.8 percent said they were against the sultan's decision in the four-day survey which ended yesterday.

Last Thursday, the sultan rejected the Pakatan Rakyat state government's request to dissolve the state assembly in view of defections by several of its state representatives.

The sultan, a former lord president, also asked Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin to resign as menteri besar, which the latter refused.

However, 3,862 (9.8 percent) survey respondents said they agreed with the sultan's decision while 932 readers (2.4 percent) answered "Don't know".

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Constitutional expert: Sultan can't sack Nizar

Constitutional expert professor Aziz A Bari today said that the Sultan of Perak had no powers under the state constitution to "hire or fire" a menteri besar.

He said that while that was the position before independence, the post-Merdeka constitution made it very clear that the menteri besar does not hold office at the sultan's pleasure.

Exco PKR Kedah 'bercuti', tidak hilang

Jimadie Shah Othman Feb 6, 09 7:13pm

Sewaktu desas-desus BN cuba menumbangkan Kedah selepas kejayaan di Perak, seorang exco kerajaan negeri V Arumugam dikatakan "tidak hilang, sebaliknya sedang bercuti"."Beliau bercuti lima hari. Kalau tidak salah saya, bermula Khamis, semalamlah," kata Dr Hamdan Mohamed Khalib. Exco sukan dan kesenian itu bagaimanapun menafikan rakannya di majlis mesyuarat negeri itu mengambil cuti sakit seumpama dua bekas exco Perak, Jamaluddin Mat Radzi dan Mohd Osman Jailu sebelum memutuskan keluar PKR dan menyokong BN.

Ditanya lokasi percutian exco perdagangan dalam negeri dan hal ehwal pengguna Kedah itu bercuti, Dr Hamdan bekata beliau difahamkan tempatnya di dalam negara.Wakil rakyat PAS itu diminta mengulas laporan akhbar berbahasa Cina hari ini yang mendakwa Arumugam (foto) tidak boleh dihubungi – dan keadaan membuka ruang spekulasi kemungkinan wakil rakyat PKR Bukit Selambau akan melompat parti.

Laporan itu menyemarakkan lagi cakap-cakap bahawa Arumugam akan meninggalkan PKR bagi melengkap projek merampas kuasa di negeri itu seperti yang dilakukan BN di Perak minggu ini.Dihubungi Malaysiakini petang ini, Dr Hamdan berkata kerajaan Kedah masih dapat menghubungi Arumugam setakat ini.Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Tanjong Dawai itu berkata, cubaan membeli Adun-adun Pakatan di negeri itu bermula sejak awal apabila gabungan PAS-PKR-DAP itu menumbangkan BN dalam pilihanraya umum lalu.

Bagaimanapun, tambah beliau, usaha itu "tidak pernah berjaya sampai sekarang".Dr Hamdan turut menafikan terdapat usaha mengurung Adun mereka sama ada daripada PKR atau DAP bagi mengelakkan mereka melompat kepada BN.Usaha Malaysiakini menghubungi Arumugam setakat ini tidak berjaya.Sementara itu, ahli parlimen PKR Padang Serai, N Gobalakrishnan juga menafikan kehilangan Adun Bukit Selambau. "Semalam saya ada cakap dengan dia. Dia orang yang ada prinsip dan tahu bahawa PKR dan Pakatan mempunyai prinsip," katanya, juga ahli Majlis Pimpinan Tertinggi PKR.Sehubungan itu, beliau percaya Arumugam akan terus bersama Pakatan dan tidak akan melompat ke parti lawan.

Ditanya sama ada kegagalan Arumugam hadir dalam perasmian daerah baru Pokok Sena semalam merupakan tanda beliau akan melompat parti, Gobalakrishnan menjawab ringkas: "Saya pun tidak datang."Isnin lalu, Arumugam melaporkan kepada polis dengan dakwaan ada tawaran wang dan ugutan agar meninggalkan PKR, termasuk terhadapnya, keluarga dan pegawainya.Semalam, di saat kerajaan Perak di ambang kejatuhannya, Pakatan Rakyat di Kedah mengadakan satu mesyuarat tergempar membincangkan perkembangan di negeri jirannya itu. Gabungan tersebut diura-urakan mengawal ketat beberapa Adun yang dianggap "berisiko tinggi" untuk melompat parti.

Malaysiakini difahamkan wakil-wakil rakyat yang dispekulasikan itu – Tan Wei Xu (Bakar Arang), Mohd Rahzi Salleh (Lunas) dan Lim See Nee (Kulim) – kini diletakkan dalam pengawasan rapi kepemimpinan Kedah dan Pakatan.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Kenyataan Akhbar Majlis Pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat

6 Februari 2009

Pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat menyatakan rasa kesal terhadap tindakan biadap rampasan kuasa di Perak termasuk layanan terhadap YAB Dato’ Seri Ir Hj Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, Menteri Besar Perak di mana semua barangan telah dirampas dari pejabat beliau. Kami mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya tindakan tersebut.

Kami akan memfailkan satu saman bagi mencabar keabsahan perlantikan Menteri Besar yang baru dari Barisan Nasional. Panel peguam sedang mengkaji tindakan ini. Kami masih berpendirian bahawa YAB Dato’ Seri Ir Hj Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin masih lagi Menteri Besar Perak yang sah.

Pada ketika ini pelbagai reaksi sedang ditunjukkan oleh rakyat sebagai reaksi spontan kepada krisis di Perak ini. Reaksi tersebut adalah untuk meluahkan rasa tidak puas hati terhadap penyalahgunaan kuasa oleh Barisan Nasional. Kami menggesa kepada semua agar bertindak secara aman dan tertib. Kami merayu agar pihak polis bertugas secara profesional dan tidak menimbulkan sebarang provokasi atau huru hara.

YB DATUK SERI ANWAR IBRAHIMKetua Pembangkang / Ketua Umum Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)
YB LIM KIT SIANGKetua Ahli Parlimen Democratic Action Party (DAP)
YB USTAZ NASHARUDDIN MAT ISATimbalan Presiden Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS)


杨凯斌 | 2月5日 下午3点17分


johari abdul不过被指负责有关“阻止跳槽”工作的公正党双溪大年(Sungai Petani)区国会议员佐哈里阿都(Johari Abdul,左图)却矢口否认此事,并表示所有的公正党州议员仍然如常工作。



至于公青团长赛夫依占(Saiful Izham)则透露,州议员们仅是被“严密监督”,不至于到达“软禁”的层次,不过他们需要常与党领袖,保持通话联系,以确定人身安全,避免霹雳州议员遭人绑架或掳走的局面重演。



kedah state seat breakdown 050209吉打州共有36州议席,而组成民联州政府的回教党共有16席,公正党5席,至于行动党仅有的1席,则被视为独立议员,国阵则有14席即巫统12席,马华及民政党则分别占有1席。


据 悉,国阵所瞄准的首要目标皆是公正党的5名州议员,即3名行政议员峇甲亚兰(Bakar Arang)州议员陈暐树、武吉士南卯区(Bukit Selambau)州议员阿鲁慕甘(Arumugam a/l Vengatarakoo)以及鲁乃区(Lunas)州议员拉兹(Mohd. Razhi Salleh),至于另两名州议员则是居林区(Kulim)州议员林思年以及西塘区(Sidam)州议员陈楚江。

至于行动党仅有的1名州议员则是哥打达鲁阿曼 (Kota Darulaman)区议员李源益。


其 实吉打州公正党议员遭积极拉拢跳槽国阵并非新鲜的事,有关的献议其实自去年308大选,民联赢得吉打州政权之后就陆续不断传出,更拥有各种不同的政治掮 客,以手机或亲自登门办公室的猖狂方式出现。不过据说一个议员跳槽的价码开至3百万令吉,“中间人”若成功拉拢也将获得1百万的酬劳。




Arumugam Vengatarakoo至于阿鲁慕甘(左图)则在两名前公正党霹雳州议员“失踪”后,立下宣誓书及报案,声称本身、家人及助理遭到种种刑事恐吓以及威迫利诱他脱离公正党,加入国阵。在阿鲁慕甘做出揭露之后,他就遭到巫统控制的主流媒体攻击,尤其是第三电视昨晚就公然揭露他其私生活不检点,拥有多名情妇。










Warkah MB Perak untuk Sultant Azlan Shah

5 Februari 2009

Mengadap Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Sultan Azlan Shah Muhibbuddin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Yussuf Izzuddin Shah Ghafarullahu-Lah Paduka Sultan Negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan Yang bersemayam di atas takhta Kerajaan Negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan dengan beberapa amat kebesaran dan kemuliaannya.


Ampuan Tuanku,

Dengan hormat dan takzimnya patik merafa'kan sembah dan berdoa kehadrat Allah Suhanahu Wata'ala, mudah-mudahan Duli Yang Maha mulia Tuanku sentiasa berada dalam keadaan selamat dan kesejahteraan.

Ampuan Tuanku,


Warkah yang tidak sepertinya ini sebagai pengganti diri patik untuk menyembahkan kepada Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku mengenai isu kedudukan terkini Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan.

Patik merafa' sembah menjunjung kasih di atas perkenan Duli Yang Mah Mulia Tuanku pada pagi ini. Patik memohon izin untuk menyembahkan beberapa perkara:

1. Artikel XVl (6) Undang-undang Perlembagaan Negeri Perak menyatakan bahawa "If the Menteri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the Legislative Assembly, then, unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council". Ini bermakna sokongan Menteri Besar itu perlu diputuskan oleh Persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri.

2. Jumlah Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Pakatan Rakyat dan Barisan Nasional adalah sama iaitu 28 orang. Adalah kurang tepat andaian Barisan Nasional mempunyai majoriti. YB Yang Dipertua Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak telah memutuskan bahaw Adun bagi kawasan Behrang, Changkat Jering dan Jelapang bukan lagi Adun. YB Yang Dipertua Dewan Undangan

Negeri Perak dan Kerajaan Negeri Perak juga telah memfailkan satu permohonan untuk satu perisytiharan bahawa ketiga-tiga Adun berkenaan bukannya Adun untuk kawasan-kawasan tersebut, di Mahkamah Tinggi pada pagi ini. Sewajarnya kita menunggu keputusan mahkamah dalam kes tersebut.

Ampuan Tuanku,

Atas alasan di atas dan berdasarkan prinsip demnokrasi dan Raja Berperlembagaaan, Patik dengan ini merafa' sembah memohon agar Dewan Undangan Negeri dibubarkan bagi membolehkan rakyat memilih semula kerajaan yang dikehendaki mereka.

Ampuan Tuanku,

Patik dengan ini merafa' sembah bahawa pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat sebulat suara meminta patik untuk tidak meletak jawatan sehingga krisis perlembagaan ini diputuskan oleh Mahkamah atau Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak.

Ampuan Tuanku,

Patik akhiri warkah yang tidak sepertinya ini dengan sekalung penghargaan ke atas keprihatinan dan pertimbangan Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku, mudah-mudahan Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala melanjutkan usia Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku dan seluruh kerabab Tuanku dan semoga sentiasa berada di dalam kesejahteraan dan kebahagian yang berkekalan.

Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin

Ampun Tuanku,

Patik dengan segala hormat takzimnya; bagi pihak Ahli-ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Pakatan Rakyat

YAB Dato' Seri Ir Haji Mohammad Nizar bin Jamaluddin
Menteri Besar Perak Darul Ridzuan

Ampuan Tuanku !!!

Ampuan Tuanku,

Selama ini Tuankulah yang merupakan raja/sultan yang paling patik hormati dan sanjungi di antara sultan/raja-raja Melayu. Tuanku merupakan raja yang berjiwa rakyat dan dikasihi jutaan rakyat Tuanku khususnya di negeri Tuanku, Perak darul Ridzuan.

Walaupun patik merupakan anak Malaysia yang berbangsa Cina, namum patik menganggap Tuanku sebagai Raja Cina yang teramat mulia !

Titah Tuanku tidak membenarkan pembubaran DUN Perak lalu menitahkan MB Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin serta barisan exconya melepaskan semua jawatan dan meninggalkan kediaman rasminya amat menyakitkan hati patik dan jutaan rakyat Tuanku.

Rakyat Tuanku amat sedih dan pilu akan titah Tuanku kerana jelas sekali kemahuan rakyat Tuanku adalah untuk membubarkan DUN bagi membolehkan rakyat Tuanku memilih sendiri pemimpin-pemimpin yang rakyat Tuanku inginkan.

Patik tidak memohom agar Tuanku memihak kepada mana-mana pihak yang bermotifkan politic serta agenda masing-masing, tetapi patik memohom agar Tuanku dapat memahami isihati rakyat Tuanku yang dengan rendah diri memohom agar rakyat Tuanku memiliki hak yang teramat kecil itu, iaitu memilih sendiri pemimpin yang mampu membela nasib rakyat Tuanku serta nasib dan masa depan anak-anak dan cuci cicit rakyat Tuanku.

Rakyat-rakyat Tuanku sebenarnya telah insaf bahawa kepercayaan yang diberikan selama 50 tahun kepada pemimpin-pemimpin yang menghancurkan nasib rakyat Tuanku, rakyat Tuanku sebenarnya amat susah dan hidup di dalam kedaifan. Segala limpah kurnia Tuhan telah disalahgunakan oleh mereka yang tidak berhati jiwa, merasuah sesama mereka dan membiarkan rakyat Tuanku menderita ! Oleh itu rakyat Tuanku telah memutuskan untuk tidak lagi menggadaikan nasib serta masa depan rakyat Tuanku serta anak-anak dan cucu cicitnya. Kemahuan rakyat Tuanku jelas dinyatakan melalui PRU ke-12.

Oleh itu, pertimbangan semula Tuanku yang berjiwa rakyat bagi menitah agar rakyat Tuanku dapat memilih sendiri pemimpin mereka teramat diharapkan !!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Raja dan demokrasi

Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat Thu Feb 05, 09 6:21:48 pm MYT

1.Menteri Besar dalam sesebuah negeri adalah mewakili rakyat dalam sesebuah negeri untuk disembah kepada Raja. Orang lain, walau PM sekalipun adalah orang luar. Kalau tidak begitu maka akan timbul bermacam-macam krisis dan huru hara. Ini termasuklah siri-siri jenayah dan pencolekan seperti yang berlaku ke atas Menteri Besar Terengganu, Daud Samad dan beberapa Wakil Rakyat di Negeri Kelantan di tahun 1960an.

2.Status Institusi Raja akan terjejas di mata rakyat kalau Raja mendengar dan akur menerima nasihat (advise) dari orang lain.Di zaman Tun Dr. Mahathir, Institusi Raja terjejas teruk dan jangan-jangan ia terjejas lagi di kali ini. Ucapan saya ketika di Parlimen di masa itu antara lain berbunyi: "Orang politik akan menjadi Raja/Presiden di masa hadapan. Puncanya kerana peribadi sebahagian Raja-Raja itu sendiri."

3.Sistem Beraja tidak menjadi semakin bertambah. Hendaklah diingati benar-benar bahawa sistem Beraja semakin hari semakin berkurangan. Bertambah tidak. Dunia boleh saksikan sendiri bagaimana Raja Nepal di Katmandu, Sultan Hussein di Singapura, Hamingkubuwono di Indonesia, Sultan Kudrat di Filipina, Al-Malik Farouk di Mesir, Shah Iran di Iran, Maharaja China di Negeri China, Maharaja Yaman di Yaman, Iraq, India dan seluruh Benua Eropah. Kini, mereka hanya tinggal sejarah.

4.Jadi, Institusi Raja di Malaysia perlu berhati-hati benar.

5.Saya sayangkan Institusi Raja kerana saya tahu bahawa rakyat hormatkan Rajanya. Saya sendiri dapat merasakannya kerana saya sendiri juga daripada keturunan Raja Jembal. Selain daripada menghormati saya dari aspek-aspek yang lain khususnya dari hal agama, mereka hormat saya kerana saya juga datang dari keturunan ini.

6.Tegasnya semua pihak perlu berhati-hati dalam menangani krisis yang cuba dicetuskan oleh pihak-pihak yang berkepentingan di luar dari Negeri Perak.Ingatlah, Allah Maha Berkuasa diatas segala sesuatu dan Allah tidak akan berpihak kepada pihak yang berbuat kezaliman.
Sebaliknya, Allah akan menurunkan bantuan kepada mereka yang dikhianati dan mereka yang ditindas. Firman Allah S.W.T. bermaksud :

"Maka orang-orang yang zalim itu dimusnahkan sampai ke akar-akarnya. Segala Puji Bagi Allah Tuhan semesta Alam." (Surah Al An�aam: Ayat 45)../wann _

Latest of Perak Political Drama

(3:30pm)PM is seeking an audience with Sultan Azlan Shah later Thursday evening

(2.25pm): Sultan Azlan Shah does not consent to dissolution of state assembly and asks Nizar to resign as Perak Mentri Besar, reports Bernama quoting a statement from the Sultan's office. If Nizar fails to do so, the post would be considered as vacant.

(1:10pm) MB Nizar, looking cheerful, just left Istana Kinta and said that Anwar will give a press conference at 3pm at his residence

(12:30pm) IGP Tan Sri
Musa Hassan warns of stern action against Pakatan Rakyat supporters who take part in illegal gatherings in Ipoh

(11:56am) Najib told reporters that he has
informed Sultan Azlan Shah that Barisan has the majority to form the Perak state government. He said the Ruler will announce his decision soon.

(11:55am) Perak speaker V. Sivakumar has just left the High Court after applying to the court to declare the resignation letters of the three assembymen as valid and, therefore, their seats vacant.

(11:50am) PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be at Perak Mentri Besar’s office at 3pm and a mammoth gathering is planned for 7pm at the MB’s residence.

(11:38am) Perak Mentri Besar Nizar told reporters in Bagan Serai that he has just been summoned to Istana Kinta.

(11:34am) Najib has left Istana Kinta with the four assemblymen.

(11:21am) Najib returned to Istana Kinta, this time with four former Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang),Mohd Osman Jailu (Changkat Jering), Jelapang Hee Yit Foong (Jelapang) and Datuk Nasaruddin Hashim (Bota) to meet the Sultan of Perak.

(10:35am) Perak Umno state chief Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his deputy Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi leave Istana Kinta. Najib is expected to chair the state liaison committee meeting to discuss the Barisan candidate for the Perak Mentri Besar's post.

(9:50am) Deputy Prime Minister and Perak Umno chief Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and state Umno deputy chairman Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (Bagan Datoh MP) enter Istana Kinta to seek Sultan Azlan Shah’s consent for Barisan to form the new Perak government.

(9:00am) Speaker V. Sivakumar told reporters that he will ask the High Court on Thursday to declare as valid the undated letters of resignation by the three Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen - PKR’s Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang) and Mohd Osman Jailu (Changkat Jering) and DAP’s Hee Yit Foong (Jelapang) - who resigned from their respective parties to become Independents who have pledged to support Barisan Nasional.

Kedah's turn to feel defection heat

Syed Jaymal Zahiid, Jimadie Shah Othman and Abdul Rahim Sabri Feb 5, 09 2:44pm

Following the political coup in neighbouring Perak, the Pakatan Rakyat-led state of Kedah is said to be on high alert.

MCPXIt is learnt that several Pakatan state assemblypersons there have been categorised as 'high risk' and their movements are being closely monitored by the state leadership.

Allegations are rife that these 'high risk' reps have been approached by Barisan Nasional numerous times since last week in a bid to lure them to defect.Pakatan currently holds an eight-seat majority in the state assembly after it wrested 22 seats against BN's 14 in the last general election.

When contacted, PKR Kedah Youth chief Saiful Izham confirmed that the leadership is in a precautionary mood and is currently monitoring their members."Yes we are monitoring our members but not to the extent of having them quarantined. Monitoring means we are constantly keeping in contact with them."We have been having several meetings with the leadership and members and so far all have attended," he said.No 'missing' leadersFellow Pakatan leader, PAS Bukit Lada state assemblyperson Ahmad Izzat Shauki also claimed that BN has made several approaches but so far no Pakatan rep has accepted."We know BN is attempting to lure our members to defect since last year but we have declined."No one is missing so far. There was an event in Pokok Sena this morning and everyone, including the menteri besar and excos, were present," he said.

Sungai Petani PKR parliamentarian Johari Abdul also conceded that Kedah is on high alert after what transpired in Perak.He alleged that various attempts have been made by BN to lure Pakatan reps to defect with offers of cash and powerful positions.However, Padang Serai PKR parliamentarian N Gobalakrishnan denied that the Pakatan-led state government is worried over the prospect of their members leaping to the opposite side."I have not heard of anything.

Of course we know that BN has been trying to get our people to defect but I have heard nothing to merit any serious attention," he said.Meanwhile, Jerlun Umno MP Mukhriz Mahathir denied that there were any attempts by BN to induce defections."No. Not that I have heard of. As far as I know, there have been no such attempts to get them to defect," he said.

苏丹要见国阵全体州议员 民联州务大臣再被召入宫




另一方面,接近中午12时左右,民联霹雳州务大臣莫哈末尼查在峇眼色海(Bagan Serai)告诉记者,他刚被传召入宫觐见苏丹阿兹兰沙。

民联号召十万人声援大集会, 尼查炮轰纳吉变天手段违宪





在场的霹雳州议长西华古玛表示,他希望霹雳州苏丹将允许解散州议会的请求。他说,霹雳苏丹曾在本身一本著作《君主立宪、法治与良好施政》(Constitutional Monarchy, Rule of Law and Good Governance)第266页写过一段话,“在正常的情况下,国家元首(苏丹)不会拒绝解散国会(州议会)的请求。陛下在这个情况的角色纯粹是官式(formal)”。





Perhimpunan Selamatkan Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Perak Hari ini (5 Feb)

Perhimpunan 100 ribu rakyat akan diadakan hari ini (5 Feb) pada jam 7 malam di Kediaman Rasmi Menteri Besar Perak, bersama Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan semua Menteri Besar Negeri Pakatan Rakyat, bagi menyatakan sokongan terhadap kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Negeri Perak dan menuntut agar hak rakyat dikembalikan.

Berikut adalah mesej khas dari Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim buat semua penyokong Pakatan Rakyat: "Pertahankan Kuasa Rakyat - Saya bersama Menteri Besar dan Pakatan Rakyat esok Khamis 7:30 malam di Ipoh. Saya yakin, Insyallah rakyat yang menentukan."

Semua penyokong Pakatan Rakyat dan aktivis diminta hadir untuk memberi sokongan.


Rampasan Kuasa Umno Tidak Berlandaskan Perlembagaan !!

Rampasan kuasa Umno-BN yang diumumkan oleh Najib tidak berlandaskan perlembagaan dan bercanggah dengan undang-undang !!!

Sepatutnya kalau 3 Adun bebas yang keluar dari PKR & DAP ingin menyokong BN untuk membentuk kerajaan negeri, ia harus mengadakan sidang tergempar DUN untuk membolehkan Adun-Adun menyatakan Undi-Tidak-Percaya terhadap MB Perak seperti mana yang dilakukan oleh Pakatan Rakyat sewaktu 16 September.

Sekiranya undi tidak percaya terhadap MB itu dinyatakan oleh majoriti Adun, maka MB Perak harus meletakkan jawatan dan mendapatkan perkenan sultan bagi membubarkan DUN supaya pilihanraya negeri boleh diadakan.

Namum Umno-BN memilih untuk terus merampas kuasa dengan "memaksa" 3 Adun itu bagi menyatakan sokongan terhadap Umno-BN untuk membentuk kerajaan !

Tindakan yang dirancang Najib itu sudah bercanggah dengan Perlembagaan negeri dan tisak sah !!!

Seharusnya pembentukan kerajaan baru yang kononnya diminta oleh Adun itu dikembalikan kepada Rakyat Perak yang mempunyai hak mutlak ke atas siapa yang mereka mahu diwakilkan bagi menguruskan negeri Perak !!!

Monday, February 2, 2009



公正党武吉士南卯区(Bukit Selambau)州议员阿鲁慕甘(Arumugam a/l Vengatarakoo,右图)指出,他在去年308大选之后,他本身、家人和身边的官员都受到各种各样的刑事恐吓,以便威迫他离开公正党,加入国阵。

去年底曾经有人企图绑架他阿鲁慕甘告诉《当今大马》,他今天中午12点半,连同代表律师赛夫依展兰利(Saiful Izham Ramli)、公正党双溪大年区国会议员佐哈里阿都(Johari Abdul)以及10名支持者,到双溪大年(Sungai Petani)警察总部报警。

警方随后在下午3点开始跟他录取口供。录供时间长达1个小时半。阿鲁慕甘也是掌管吉打贸易、泰裔和印裔社群事务、团结与园丘工人委员会行政议员,他在今天发出文告中,列出多个他遭到恐吓的例子,其中包括本身差点遭到绑架。官车镜子被砸,留恐吓便条他指出,在2008年10月有人企图绑架他;2008年3月31日,其下属接到恐吓电话,威胁对他的家人不利;2008年12月17日,其国产将相官车(车牌BKL 4000)的镜子被人以石头砸破,并且留下恐吓便条。有人数天前丰厚利诱他跳槽阿鲁慕甘更揭露,在几天之前,数名人士更接触他,企图以丰厚的回报来说服他离开公正党。

阿鲁慕甘表示,霹雳两名公正党行政议员贾玛鲁丁(Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi)和莫哈末奥斯曼(Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu)的遭遇,促使他向媒体公布这些事情。“我担心假若我不挺身而出,作出这样的公开声明,我和我家人的安全和安宁将会继续受到干扰和刑事恐吓,而一些人也将继续游说我跳槽。”吁警方调查以确保家人安全他呼吁警方针对他自从2008年3月的各项报案展开调查,并且立即和坚定地展开行动,确保他和其家人的平安,因为唯有如此,他才能够有效地执行作为吉打行政议员,以及州议员的职务。

阿鲁慕甘今年54岁,1954年11月10日在吉打的双溪大年(Sungai Petani)出生。他是一名飞机工程师,曾留学英国和苏联。吉打州议会如今共有36个议席,其中民联掌握22个,包括回教党16个、公正党5个、行动党1个;其余的14席落在国阵手中,巫统占12席,马华和民政各1席。

PKR Kedah rep exposes 'defection threats'

Amid the political turmoil in Perak, a PKR elected representative in Kedah has filed a police report claiming among others that there was an attempt to kidnap him.

Bukit Selambau assemblyperson V Arumugam also claimed that he and his officers have received numerous threats."All of this is being done in order to force me to leave PKR and move to Barisan Nasional," alleged the state exco in a statement today. Arumugam had filed the police report at the Sungai Petani district police headquarters this afternoon.Apart from the alleged 'kidnap' attempt last November, the assemblyperson claimed that he had also received threats via the telephone.

'Windscreen smashed'
"On Dec 12, there was an incident where the windscreen of the official exco car (Proton Perdana) was smashed and there was a note containing a threat which was tied to a brick. "A few days ago, several individuals had approached me with lucrative offers in order to coax me into leaving PKR," he said.According to Arumugam, the latest incident involving two PKR assemblypersons in Perak had motivated him to make this matter public.

"I am worried that if I do not come forward, then the safety of my family would continue to be threatened. "I also call on the police to investigate all my police reports since March 2008 and take the necessary action," he added. Kedah - which was an Umno stronghold fell - into the hands of Pakatan Rakyat following the March 8 general election.

Exco PKR Kedah diugut sertai BN

Seorang exco kerajaan Kedah daripada PKR pula sedang dipancing untuk melompat kepada BN, termasuk melalui ugutan bersifat jenayah terhadapnya dan pegawai-pegawainya.

Arumugam Vengatarakoo, yang juga Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Bukit Selambau, mendakwa usaha menariknya meninggalkan PKR bermula sejak kemenangannya tahun lepas.

"Satu laporan polis telah dibuat hari ini merangkumi semua kes-kes ugutan jenayah terhadap saya selaku Adun dan ahli exco kerajaan, dan juga terhadap keselamatan keluarga saya sejak dari 8 Mac, 2008," katanya."Ia juga melibatkan semua ugutan terhadap pegawai-pegawai dan bekas-bekas pegawai saya.

"Kesemua ini adalah bertujuan bagi mengugut saya untuk bersetuju berpindah parti dari PKR kepada Barisan Nasional."Menang atas tiket bebas, Arumugam kemudiannya menyertai PKR sebelum dilantik pengerusi Jawatankuasa Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna, Hal Ehwal Masyarakat Siam, Perpaduan, Pekerja Ladang dan Hal Ehwal Masyarakat India.

Difahamkan beliau kini sedang memberikan keterangan kepada polis selepas membuat aduan di Ibu Pejabat Polis Sungai Petani, Kedah jam 12.30.

Dalam satu kenyataannya yang diedarkan oleh PKR, insiden-insiden yang didakwa ugutan jenayah terhadapnya termasuklah:

- cubaan menculik saya pada 17 Oktober tahun lepas, mengugut saya melalui pegawai saya dengan membuat beberapa panggilan telefon, antaranya pada 31 Mac tahun lalu

- memecahkan cermin kereta rasmi exco kerajaan negeri dengan meninggalkan nota ugutan yang diikat pada seketul batu pada 17 Disember lalu

- menghantar beberapa beberapa individu untuk memujuk saya keluar dari PKR, yang terbaru sekali beberapa hari yang lalu, dengan beberapa tawaran lumayan.