Thursday, February 19, 2009

Let's sign the Petition to support Nude Photo Victim, YB Elizabeth Wong

YB Elizabeth Wong, who was photographed nude photos during asleep and have been circulated and published in the internet; has decided to step down as Adun Bukit Lanjan and Exco of Selangor State Government.

Although she insist that She has done no wrong in the incident as the nude photos were taken without her permission, however she has offered her resignation for the both positions.

However, she's innocent ! She is actually the victim of the incident, she don't have to quit.

In addition, she is an excellent leader who possess outstanding performance during her 11 months service as Exco and Adun. The person of Selangor especially the constituency in Bukit Lanjan, knows very well what has she done so far !

Therefore, objections been raised since her announcement to quit. Big majority of the people hopes the Mentri Besar of Selangor to reject the resignation of YB Elizabeth.

In order to send the voice of the people to the MB of Selangor, kindly sign the petition so that our objection voice can be heard by the MB.

Thank you.

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