Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Support to YB Elizabeth

Dear YB Elizabeth,

I feel sympathy to what had happened to you !
I would like to express my objection to your offer to resign as Selangor Exco and Adun for Bukit Lanjan.

Would anyone tell me, what have you done ? Have you committed a crime ? against the law ? Why must you resign ?

I would like to ask any Malaysian, do they ever naked at home ? Frankly, everyone did ! Especially those who stay alone. To those who are not staying alone, i’m sure they did naked during shower or making love with their love ones.

You are the victim of the incident ! You were photographed when you were asleep. it just like you were photographed when you were taking bath, or when you were changing your cloth. Is changing cloth or taking bath is an offence ? If it is, everyone in the world has committed a crime now.

Besides, what’s wrong with the Umno leaders ? Expecially ex-MB of Selangor, Khir Toyo and Melaka KM, Ali Rustam. You 2 have been many years as the leaders of states and Umno, but how come your judgement is so ‘low-class’ ? You urged Eli to stay down due to moral scandal, if it is you 2 haveto stay down too as you did naked at home too ! Hey please do not politicalize the incident as it has been manupulated due to political reason of BN.

If Eli circulate her nude photo to public or been naked in the public, she has committed to crime. Now the person who suppose to be punished is the person who snapped her nude photo without her permission and circulated it to the public not Elizabeth !

Dear Elizabeth, you are innocent ! Please do not crouch to the conspiracy of BN ! If you resign, they are glad as they have achieved your objective. Please do not surrender to BN.

We, the member of PKR nationwide will always support and stand firm behind you in facing this incident !

Besides, I would like to urge the leadesr of PKR especially central leadership to support our YB Elizabeth and pursuade her not to quit.

As reported by Merdeka Review, the force of calling her to quit is actually PKR party leaders after last night’s meeting. As we know this is the conspiracy of BN, it has nothing to do with Eli’s moral. Therefore I would call for all PKR party leaders to stand firm behind Elizabeth and support her to continue her responsibility to serve the people !

Dear PKR Leaders, it is time for your to show your support to someone who had sacrificed a lot for the party and the people of Malaysia !

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