Thursday, March 4, 2010

'Lead to serve, Salehuddin'

From Malaysiakini

'It's sad that Anwar Ibrahim surrounds himself with people like this, not to mention all the other frogs. You can take them out of Umno, but you cannot take the Umno out of them.'

Syed Husin: Salehuddin wanted GLC job

Abdul Rahman Lim: Bravo to you, Salehuddin Hashim. RM9,000 is for you a 'pittance' for the job of PKR secretary-general, yet you have the cheek to offer your services for RM1 as chief executive officer of Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Bhd.

You are talking rubbish. Maybe RM1 is nothing, but there are bigger things behind the CEO position from which you can reap millions. You think we are all small kids with no brains?

BTN: It's time we tell all politician that they as wakil rakyat (elected representatives) exist to serve the people, not to get rich. The Pakatan Rakyat culture is that of service to the people. If they want to make money, they should join BN, and Umno, in particular.

Rayfire: RM9,000 is not pittance. US$3,000 is worth even more! This just confirms that these so-called 'original activists' are just disgruntled Umno members who, despite leaving PKR, still expect personal gains.

The slogan for Umno 'Dulu, kini dan selama-lamanya' ('Umno was here then, it is here now, and will be here forever') should be changed to 'Dulu berprinsip, kini korup, dan selama-lamanya angkuh!'('Umno was principled then, it is now corrupt, and will forever be arrogant').

Tanteo: It's sad that Anwar Ibrahim surrounds himself with people like this, not to mention all the other frogs. You can take them out of Umno, but you cannot take the Umno out of them. Sometimes I have my doubts about Anwar. I'd trust Syed Husin Ali any day.

Wira: It's the same old story whenever a PKR leader resigns. Why can't a leader land himself a job in the commercial sector on his/her own merits without pulling strings or depending on political patronage? We have such low quality materials in our political leadership. It's no wonder this country is going to the dogs.

Tired: All these revelations about former PKR members wanting this and that (tenders, GLC posts, chairmanship, etc) is proof that when you are in power, PKR, DAP or PAS, you become the same as Umno, MCA and MIC.

Welcome to Malaysian politics, the politics of patronage. So all those promises about wiping out corruption, 'berjuang untuk rakyat', (fighting for the people), fighting for justice and equality, they are just political statements.

Don't believe politicians, no matter which party they represent. They are of the same mould.

Who will succeed Anwar?

Ong Guan Sin: I commend the openness and seriousness on the part of Anwar in discussing the succession issue. Succession planning is an important aspect of a serious organisation, but a really tricky one for a organisation full of politicians.

Anwar tackled the question well, by leaving it to its core business - the democratic process. I am sure this has pushed the maturity of democracy in Malaysia another notch higher. For those who have been alleging Anwar to be 'mad' about prime ministership, this succession discussion has proven them wrong.

Abd Hamid: In a democracy, it's the people who decides. This is something Umno has never accepted, so they try to witchhunt opposition leaders thinking they can continue their evil and corruption.

Anwar has planted the seeds of democracy, for which the people are thankful. If the people really want and desire freedom and justice and fairness, it's up to them to spearhead the revolution in the next general election.

PAS, DAP stand by Pakatan as PKR rocked by defections

Black Mamba: Since March 8, 2008, PAS seems to stand out as a better Malay-based party than Umno. This has been shown clearly in the way issues have been raised and handled. Come next election, I am going to vote for PAS if it stands for election in my constituency.

Disgusted: Way to go Pakatan. This shows that the individual parties in Pakatan are not greedy and willing to squabble about who is to lead. DAP has made it clear that even if it should have the majority of seats in Parliament, it will not be want the position of opposition leader and would continue to support PKR and Anwar.

BN is hoping to cause chaos within Pakatan through the subservient mainstream media, but it will fail miserably. The people are not fools. As for the 'independents' their future is doomed for their double-crossing.

Keturunan Malaysia: Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future. You Pakatan frogs have a past, but you have no future.

Ghkok: I am thrilled. Under the most severe test since March 2008, I see a Pakatan Rakyat that is standing firm, standing tall and united. I see dignity and, at the same time, defiance in the face of a severe assault from BN. I see cohesion, focus and commitment. I see a Pakatan that is ready for Putrajaya. We'll be there with them. We'll be finally free from the tyranny of BN.

Petricio: All these frogs fool themselves, thinking that it is on their own merit that they were elected into Parliment. By defecting they have effectively put the final nails into the coffins of their career.

The mainstream media are highlighting this as if Pakatan were falling apart. But I believe many people are seeing the positive ways in which the Pakatan states are run. Perhaps Penang stands out as an outstanding one.

Ferdtan: Truly PAS is for all.

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