Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nik Aziz, take out the 'trash'

 Comment from Malaysiakini readers.....

'Katak oh katak, you are not even fit to wipe the dust off Tok Guru's shoes. Who are you to ask him to resign? He was being gracious to say you are full of rubbish.'
Quit call: Nik Aziz hits back at Ibrahim Ali
Ngawangjimpa: (Pasir Mas MP) Ibrahim Ali, I can only describe you as a politician who digs your own grave before the next election comes around. How can you be so stupid to desert PAS and speak badly about the very party that resurrected your political fortune?

Concern: I am away from the country for some time, but keep track of current affairs. As a Chinese I used to have negative thoughts of PAS who rule Kelantan but not now. If I am to vote for the prime minister of Malaysia, I will vote for (PAS spiritual leader and Kelantan MB) Nik Aziz Nik Mat as he is one of the last good men in politics.

Schumy: Mr Katak, you are one ungrateful amphibian. A frog without principles, you should always remain as a frog. You took advantage of an old man who was sincere to let you contest with a hope that you will change, but a frog is still a frog.

DC: In which way is Kelantan under developed? More tall buildings, more convention centres, more construction, and population displacement so that all the politicians can fill in their pockets?

Basically we need more humane development in the personalities (politicians) that carry out their functions for the public.

Disgusted: Katak oh katak, you are not even fit to wipe the dust off Tok Guru's shoes. Who are you to ask him to resign? He was being gracious to say you are full of rubbish.

Wira: If Ibrahim Ali is really interested in the welfare of Kelantan, he should champion the return of some RM1 billion oil royalty to the state from which he is one of the MPs. Unfortunately, his character and behaviour are undeniably Umno-like. So I guess he is just waiting for the opportunity and moment to return from where he came.

Geronimo: The two 'Alis', Hasan Ali and Ibrahim Ali, both formerly from Umno and both thorns on the Pakatan Rakyat sides, should be taken out to sea and fed to the sharks.

Why can't they just be a little appreciative for what PAS have done for them? Ingrates, that's what they are. We certainly do not wish to see the likes of them come the 13th general election.

Art Chan: "What is the use of being young but a load of rubbish?" I like this statement very much. Nik Aziz is so very correct.

Kmsundram: Hello! Ibrahim Ali, you stood on the PAS ticket and won. You are a man without principles and self-respect. If you vacate your seat and contest on a independent or BN ticket, I guarantee you will lose.

Jeremy Tankh: Not just Pasir Mas MP Ibrahim Ali, anyone for the matter, who stood under a political party banner in a previous election, to which he or she is no more affiliate or "friendly" should resign and seek re-election.

If not allowed by the current law, then he or she should resign and just wait it out. Malaysian politicians should have this basic integrity, especially one such as this self-proclaimed godly man like Ibrahim Ali. Otherwise, the rakyat should rid the nation off these parasites comes next election.

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